Email Retention and Email Backup Policy

Companies/Individuals known going forward as subscribers are responsible for saving/archiving/purging email messages as deemed appropriate.
OTG Group does not maintain nor provide long-term email storage/archive facilities for subscriber email.

OTG Group does not take on the responsibility for nor recognize a subscriber unique "Email Retention Policy". Implementation and management of a specific "Email Retention Policy" by the subscriber is the sole responsibility of the subscriber to comply and enforce outside of the OTG Group Email Service.

For the purposes of OTG Group to maintain stability of servers and software only the current days inbox data is backed up. Data backed up is not inclusive and/or cumulative and is not maintained for the use by a subscriber to comply with their unique "Email Retention Policy".

Due to finite resources, OTG Group has the right to restrict the amount of user space on the email server as necessary. The subscriber takes full responsibility for the management of the 250 megabyte combined mail storage. NOTE: The 250 megabyte email storage is defined as the total of all individual email boxes for a particular subscriber's domain and/or sub-domains.

Companies/Individuals that utilize OTG Group email solutions are responsible for properly implementing an "Email Retention Policy" outside of the hosted OTG Group Email solutions.

Please review this Email Retention and Email Backup Policy document periodically, as we may update it from time to time.